Our Mission / Nuestra Mision /Nhiệm vụ của chúng ta

Christ our Savior Parish welcomes you to discover who you are, know that you belong to God and find your calling.

 La Parroquia de Cristo Nuestro Salvador te da la bienvenida para que descubras quién eres, sepas que perteneces a Dios y encuentres tu llamado.

Giáo xứ Chúa Kitô Cứu Thế chào mừng bạn đến để khám phá bản thân, để biết mình thuộc về Thiên Chúa và rồi nhận ra ơn gọi của chính mình.


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Cristo Nuestra Fundacion – Nuestra Esperanza – Nuestra Salvacion
Christ Our Foundation – Christ Our Hope – Christ Our Savior

Normal Mass Schedule

Vigil Masses on Saturday

5:00 pm – English

7:00pm – Spanish / Español

Sunday Masses

8:30 AM – English
10:30 AM – Spanish / Español
12:30 PM – Vietnamese

12:00 PM –American Sign Language (old worship space)

Weekly Masses

Monday thru Saturday
8:00 AM – English
(Mass is preceded by Morning Prayer at 7:45 AM)

First Friday of the Month
7:00 PM – Spanish / Español

Events & Announcements

Supplemental Study of Sunday Lectionary Scriptures provided by Deacon Tom

Biblical Study related to the Scripture passages of the Sunday Lectionary Readings focusing on the Liturgy of the Word for the following Sunday. By reflecting on the inspired Word of God we see how God speaks to us in the various passages of the Bible. In the first part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Word, we hear selected passages from Scripture where God imparts His Wisdom on how to live our Spiritual Lives.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sunday readings, Deacon Tom can include you in his email list for the weekly distribution of the basic materials. Please contact Deacon Tom at deakuno07@gmail.com.

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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament / Adoración del Santísimo Sacramento

You are invited to spend some time with the presence of the Blessed Sacrament every first Friday of the month. Our day of worship begins after the 8:00 am Mass in English and continues throughout the day, concluding with the 7:00 pm Mass in Spanish.

Estan invitados a compartir de su tiempo en la presencia del Santísimo Sacramento cada primer viernes del mes. Nuestro día de adoración empieza después de la Misa de 8:00 am y continua a través del día. Concluye con la Misa de 7:00 pm en español.

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Class for Infant Baptisms / Classes para los bautizos de Infantes

Classes are held the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Please register for class calling the Parish Office at 714 444-1500.

Las clases son el primer miércoles del mes a las 7:00 pm. Por favor registrese para las classes llamando al 714 444-1500.

New Building Project

Our Building Project to construct the new Church buildings has certainly brought some surprises both pleasant and challenging. With the sale of the property, the parish will receive 15.85 million dollars that will be used to primarily fund the construction of the Church buildings. The goal is to build three of our four parish buildings at the same time, however much of that will depend upon how much we are able to raise and how much it will ultimately cost.

With the success of our parish Capital Campaign, we have already collected 1 million dollars with about 2 million dollars pledged for the project. With other fundraisers and the building fund that we collected as a second collection before we started the Capital Campaign, we will have collected about 18 million dollars in total (including the capital campaign).

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How to Find Us

Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish

2000 & 2002 West Alton Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Telephone: (714) 444-1500

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Christ Our Savior Catholic Parish